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LotoRainbow shows that lotteries, contrarily to what many people think, follow a behavior pattern. When comparing the expected behavior with the real reseults, you can play more rationally.

Your game strategy must begin by the analysis of which groups of templates (start and type) have the largest difference in relation to foreseen results.

Advanced: bet on the groups that are occurring more often than expected, if you believe that they are in fashion and will go on occurring more often.
Delayed: choose groups which came out less than expected, if you think that they tend to reduce their lateness and will reach the expected value.

After defining your strategy, look for the best templates of the chosen group. Then finally choose the numbers that fit inside these templates.

How to look for templates

Go to the templates statistics
Analyze the situation of types and starts
Define your strategy
Choose the start
Select the possible type
Click type to find the templates
Choose the template
Form your game

After choosing your template, you can consult the statistics of the numbers (simple and positional) to help your decision or use our game generator (see example in Super Sena).


In lotteries that already have a great number of contests, it is interesting to see how they have been lately behaving. Then select the number of drawing lots informing the initial and final drawings.

Before closing your game look at the last results in the drawings table. Even the more recurrent template rarely come out in drawings very close to one another (except in lotteries like California Fantasy 5 or New york Take 5, that have small sample spaces). Also observe if  the types and starts are within the expected regularity.

It is important to observe the rule of the average sum when choosing the numbers.
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